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PIEG LLC is a real estate project integrator, technology integrator, aggregator, and manager of turn-key alternative energy and real estate developments. We primarily focus on energy improvement projects for municipal and commercial property owners seeking to reduce operating costs and improve facilities.


PIEG LLC is a hands-on firm with a mandate to finance and develop self-sufficient real estate projects. Our broad spectrum of expertise, which ranges from renewable energy technology to large-scale commercial real estate development, makes us uniquely qualified to offer full service and fully financed project solutions.

PIEG LLC, in conjunction with its strategic partners, will work to define the conceptual core of the PB B&T business, as well as the market strategy, planning management process, and enterprise architecture of the project. Additionally, PIEG will execute all real estate contracts, entitlements, conceptual architecture, and engineering processes.


Examples of PIEG LLC’s capabilities include: real estate development (commercial and residential), refrigeration upgrades, HVAC upgrades (including new chiller plants), heat recovery, automated controls, lighting systems, lighting controls, geothermal heat pumps, solar PV generation, window energy and co-generation systems.



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